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Mermaid Isle (2017)

Mermaid Isle independent movie poster and link to the free movie on millspictures studios youtube.

1h 20min   |   English  |  Jason Mills

In 1983, a young woman was bit by something horrific in a lake on a picturesque island. Her brother and father were both killed after she "turned" into a diseased mermaid. Her mother, Maureen Melhuish, was brought in for questioning and psychiatric evaluation as her story could not be real, or so they thought. More than 30 years later, in this horrifying and thrilling tale, four young friends decide to go to a remote island, where "trespassing" is forbidden. One of the young friends, Toby, wants to propose to his girlfriend, Amy, in a romantic setting where the memory of the proposal would last a lifetime. Their friends, Shelly and Roy, joined the trip for support. Assuming the trip was going to be sappy and romantic, they did not expect their lives to be turned upside down. Shelly falls into the lake where the young woman got bit 33 years ago, and history repeats itself. Frantic to save their friend, the group finds a little run down shack. unbeknownst to them, they run straight into Maureen. In this terrifying thriller, the group will have to stick together to survive. Will they make it or will the disease spread further than ever before?

MERMAID ISLE - (Official Trailer 1)
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