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Millspictures Studios

About Us

Millspictures Studios, run by Jason Mills, is an independent film production company based just outside of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We have a unique and creative approach to making ultra low budget films. MP Studios can shoot and assemble movies at a rapid speed which is what separates Millspictures Studios from most low-budget film production teams. We make films of all budgets and genres.

Millspictures Studios has worked with numerous companies for commercial and personal projects. From business advertising videos to music videos and wedding videos, Millspictures does it all. We strive to create unforgettable performances accessible and entertaining to all audiences. 

The Team

The People of Millspictures Studios

Headshot photo of Jason Mills who is the founder of Millspictures Studios.
Jason Mills

CEO, Filmmaker, Videographer

Jason Mills is a passionate writer, director and editor of independent films, and founder of Millspictures Studios; an internationally recognized, award winning Film and Videography company based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Jason founded Millspictures Studios with the intent of making low budget films at blazing fast turnaround rates, whilst keeping quality and standards at a high. 


       For over ten years, Jason has enjoyed success as a writer, director, and editor on a wide range of films that he's produced himself. Through creating mini-movies as a boy with his dad’s old video camera, and making his friends be the stars of the show, Jason got the filmmaking bug at a very early age. Through graduating high school, Jason enrolled in several workshops and classes to further develop his knowledge and skills as a filmmaker. 


In 2009, Jason directed his first low-budget horror feature film, “They Came from the Attic”, also known as, “Above Us Lives Evil, which was bought by Lionsgate UK and is now in distribution with Chemical Burn Entertainment in the USA and Canada. After this success, Jason knew he had the capability of making quality, low budget movies at a very fast rate, while at the same time being able to receive recognition and distribution on an international scale. After observing the successes of his first feature, Jason paved the way to make more.

As Jason continued producing more and more films, he was sought out by well-known magazines, such as Fangoria and Starburst for interviews regarding his unconventional and unique way of film-making. Naturally, this brought Jason to the attention of fans and the attention of critics alike.

Jason must consider every aspect of creating a film. More so than being able to shoot and assemble movies at a rapid speed, what separates Jason from most low-budget filmmakers, is his consistency. 

Jason makes the films that he makes because he, "believe(s) that the stories deserve to be told...and I want to show others that it can be done! I mean, just do it. There should be nothing out there stopping you from making what you want to make. And that’s the beauty of filmmaking...The one thing about making films this way, is that it brings an overwhelming sense of accomplishment; the team and the investors on the project are helpful and excited. Everyone is making the film because they believe in its success!"

Jason not only focuses his attention to film, but he has a great love and passion for videography. He has worked with numerous companies for commercial and personal projects. From business advertising videos to music and wedding videos, Mills does it all.

Jason believes in staying current in the industry; he keeps busy visiting local film festivals, is writing, editing, directing and creating every day, and is also a teacher at the Delta Film Academy in Ladner, Delta, BC. Jason is a passionate videographer and filmmaker and continues to live out his passion every day.

Kiana Mills

Office Manager, 1st AD

Kiana Mills is a dedicated member of the Millspictures Studios Team. Not only is she a business woman, she graduated with distinction from Vancouver Acting School. Kiana has a large background in Music and Film & TV. With these skills, Kiana is able to help you obtain the footage you need to make your video a success.

For the last 10 years, Kiana has been a part of the production team on Millspictures Productions. 


Kiana has an extensive performance and vocal background. Winning The BC Junior Talent search led her to open for Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Johnny Reid and more at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival for consecutive years. ​

Kiana has worked on numerous films and commercials in-front and behind the cameras, and is currently the Office/Bookings Manager for MP Studios.

Garnet Campbell

Line Producer


With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in media production, Garnet Campbell has the knowledge that extends to cinematography, lighting, sound and post-production skills.


He is a highly experienced media producer who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of creative artists to new levels of success in a variety of new media and current online markets. 

Garnet has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in media production, business development, project management, marketing strategies and team building.

Headshot photo of Kiana Mills who is the Office Manager and online accounts manager
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